Have a Fun and Romantic Moment in Bali with Pirate Dinner Cruise

Pirate Dinner Cruise is a great way to enjoy the night in Bali with your loved ones. If you are into pirates, you will be excited to join this unique Bali cruise. While most cruise ships in Bali offer a fun or romantic voyage, Pirate Dinner Cruise proposes that plus something else. It is their pirate theme that you cannot find anywhere else. It is definitely a place where you can enjoy ocean breeze while having dinner under the moonlight, on a pirate ship.

Have you ever seen a pirate ship in real life? If not, you can witness one in Bali. Wait, you can even board onto it! Pirate Dinner Cruise uses phinisi vessel (which looks like a pirate ship) to take the guests to an unforgettable dinner. You will feel the pirate-y atmosphere here as it is very heavily pirate-themed. Even the crews dress like the crews of pirate ship. Isn’t that crazy? Not only that, you can be a pirate too for a night. The crew will give you a pirate accessory that you can wear when you are cruising with them.

The facilities on board

Pirate Dinner Cruise ship, the Sea Safari, is packed with facilities. They have indoor and outdoor restaurants where the guests can have the dinner. In every indoor restaurant, there is karaoke facility. Besides restaurants, this luxury ship also has a bar located on the deck. When you are boarding, you will get a welcome drink as well.

The dinner menus

So, what will you eat for dinner? Aboard, Indonesian cuisines are combined with international ones. There are the soup of the day (i.e. chicken corn soup), appetizer, Thousand Island dressing, main courses, sauces, and desserts. All of them are served buffet style. While having your dinner, you can have a free flow of coffee, tea, and iced water. Alcoholic beverages are also available with an extra charge. In addition, Pirate Dinner Cruise is also vegan friendly. You can request for some vegetarian menu upon reservation.

The entertainments

Other than merely cruising and having a fancy romantic dinner, you will get entertained during this Bali cruise. There are live music, pirate modern dance, fire dance, exotic belly dance, and free dance that you can join. Besides, there are a variety of games which you can do with the crews and the other guests. There are some prizes for the games too! Who is excited?